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My acknowledgement


This book was written accidentally. I only realized it when the things had started taking shape of a novel. Although, I am the author of this book, there are many people I can thank who provided the impetus to reach the novel its final shape.
Starting with my family, I would like to thank my father Shri Madan Prasad Sinha and my mother Smt. Poonam Sinha who made me what I am today; my brothers Abhinav and Abhijeet who are literally like my two supporting hands.
I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to my school- Creane Memorial School, Gaya city and my English teacher Mr Surya Kant. I am grateful for their sincerity during school days.
Most of all I’m thankful to my colleague Ajay Mishra, Vijay Kumar, Ravikant Gupta and my two brother like juniors Ajay Singh and Aditya Mittal to encourage me to write this book; to my loving brother from Kashmir, Faizan Javid Sheikh who passionately dictated me the beautiful Holy book, Quran.
I am also thankful to Microsoft Corp. and e-stores (Amazon, Flipkart) to make the editing, proofing, and publishing part possible.
Last but not the least I am thankful to the almighty, who was the storyteller of this novel, perhaps, the real author of this book. 


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